Maine Steamer Clams


This product can be picked up on June 18, 2024
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Only the tastiest Maine soft-shelled clams get to be Spinney Creek Steamers! All clams are put in sterilized Maine seawater to remove all the sand and grit; inspected for quality and then hand packed to order for maximum freshness

1lb of Maine Harvested & Depurated Soft Shell Steamer Clams (approx. 12-15ct.)




How to Get a Steamer Really Steamed!

Place steamers in a pot so that the clams are half way up the side of pot.
Add 1/4 cup of water. Cover, turn the heat on high and steam.
Once the pot is steaming vigorously check the pot. If the top layer of clams is fully opened, they’re done.
Put steamers and broth in separate dishes, serve with side of melted butter.
Open the shells, dunk in broth, then in butter and ENJOY!


1lb, 2lb