Our Company

Family owned and operated since 1980, The Lusty Lobster (then Douty Bros.) was started by two brothers from Fair Haven. Bayard(Dick) Douty whilst living in Maine noticed that the lobster price was a fraction of what it was in New Jersey. So he called his brother Doug and Douty Bros. was born! Now 40+ years later, both parts of the business have had consistent moderate growth and now even include the next generation of the family!

Our seafood Company sells live Maine lobsters, live shellfish, and the largest selection of fresh and frozen seafood products from all over the world. Our business success is based on personal pride in our products and unsurpassed service to our customers. We work hard accessing quality seafood with suppliers in all major ports from Nova Scotia to Florida.

This edge, plus the efficiency of our operations, guarantees our customers the highest quality seafood available at consistently reasonable prices. Lusty Lobster has a large wholesale as well as retail business and each order receives our individual attention in order to guarantee your satisfaction.