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Florida Stone Crab Claws

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Florida Stone Crab Claws

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They're HERE! How To Crack a Stone Crab Claw: 1. Place the cooked claw on a flat surface and cover the claw work a towel or plastic bag. 2.With a hammer or mallet, lightly hit the claw in the center of the claw and both parts of the knuckle. 3.Carefully (these pieces of shell are sharp!!!) remove all the shells from the claw and separate the knuckles. 4. Enjoy the delicious meat with Lusty's Honey Mustard Sauce! Fresh #Florida Stone Crab Claw season runs until May ~ #StoneCrabClaws #StoneCrab #MenuIdeas #Seasonal #CatchOfTheDay


This includes TWO pounds of fresh, delectable Florida Stone Crab Claws. Florida are a renewable resource, with a season running from October 15 through May 15. Claws are graded according to size: large, 3 to 5 per pound, jumbo, 3 claws per pound and colossal, 1 to 2 claws per pound. Stone crab claws have a 5 to 7 day shelf life. The claws are removed on the boats and the crab returned to the water where it will regenerate 4 to 5 claws in its natural lifetime. Once harvested, the raw claws are cooked on the boat or more commonly at dockside. Stone crab claws are a much desired delicacy usually served cold in many ways, most famously with Lusty's own Honey Mustard Sauce! They also can be served warm by heating (not boiling) to desired temperature in a microwave or oven.

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